Software Re-engineering Process solves all your business snags in coordination with your business process in a competent way. Re-engineering is a course of action in which an analysis of existing software system and product is done and due modifications are carried out to constitute a new form with latest technology.

Legacy software cannot keep tuning with the latest technology available in the market. As the hardware become obsolete, updating of software becomes a headache. Even if software grows old with time, its functionality does not.
At Clover Infosoft we are well aware that Software re-engineering is vital to restore and reuse the things inherent in the existing software, put the cost of software maintenance to the lowest in the control and establish basis for the development of software in the future. The examination and alteration of an existing subject system to reconstitute it in a new form.
Here, we create a new eco system by adding higher level of abstraction to an existing product. We maintain four objectives in mind while re- structuring legacy software.
Prepare for enhanced functionality
Improve maintenance
Access to the new platform
Improved reliability
Corrective Maintenance
When the software is re-engineered, the other aspects of legacy product are to be taken into consideration. Tools that perform all the reengineering functions associated with source code are;
Source Code Translation – Transformation of source code from one language to another or from one version of a language to another version of the same language.