Leading Android & ios Application Development Service
We design and develop custom mobile apps, mobile SDKs and utilities, as well as lean mobile solutions for business smoothly integrated with web services and internal corporate systems — from requirements gathering to release and submission to the application stores, as well as porting, ongoing maintenance and support.

We develop advanced mobile clients and distributed mobility solutions seamlessly integrated with corporate databases, applications, and systems. We deliver lean, productive and secure mobile apps for Ecommerce enablement, B2B, B2C and B2E solutions.

Clover has strong expertise in native applications development on leading handheld platforms with extensive full-life cycle implementation experience

Key Area of Expertise
Rich user experience solutions
Navigation solutions: GPS, assisted GPS, cellphone triangulation, and maps
Internet applications
Context-aware computing solutions
Multimedia applications
Networking-oriented solutions peer-to-peer, Bluetooth, ZigBee, WiFi, and GPRS/3G
Usage monitoring and analytics solutions
Enterprise compliance solutions
Special-purpose custom SDK
Biometric security solutions
Software delivery solution for handhelds
Enterprise data security
Mobile cloud applications
Telemetry solutions
Enterprise data security
World-class and Excellence mobile development skill
If your business is ready to take the plunge into mobile app development, you’ll need to find a great developer to help you make it happen. To ensure the process goes smoothly, Clover Infosoft believes in five qualities that are fulcrum of best quality work.
AgilityStrategy CollaborationCommitment to user experienceResults-driven
We are committed to rapid and agile product development, we have team that is flexible and adapt to your evolving requirements and needs as they shift throughout the project. At Clover Infosoft, we never use a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, we believe in implementing a custom mobile solution that is in line with your business objectives, current technology capabilities and the latest market conditions.
We have a worthy mobile team that is familiar with fluctuations and will pivot accordingly to overcome challenges and harness opportunity in an ever-changing mobile space. A pragmatic mobile agency also comes up with solutions quickly.
The best mobile business partners are always stargazing, from discovery to deployment, strategic planning is always at the forefront of our design and technology work. At the end of the day, your app is a business investment — you are developing it to establish brand presence, and increase user reach and revenue. Constant strategic brainstorming, planning and implementation are all critical to achieving these goals.
An intuitive and effective mobile product begins with an in-depth product discovery, At Clover Infosoft we work closely with our partners to ensure meticulously craft custom user personas, methodically analyze the competitive landscape and build a comprehensive mobile-app road map. Furthermore, we collaborate with you to challenge product concepts and fully flesh out key app features throughout the app development process. This systematic approach will ensure a robust mobile product aligned with your business goals.
Authentic collaboration requires active listening, patience and drive. It promotes creative thinking, insightful brainstorming and speedy problem solving. Some of the best app ideas have come from a few people sitting in a room with a whiteboard, thinking out loud and building off of each other’s thoughts.
Through experience and expertise, a good mobile partner recognizes that collaboration is a proven practice. They make the conscious effort to have regular team meetings with clients to leverage their unique experience, creativity and the client’s vision to create amazing mobile experiences.
Commitment to user experience
User experience (UX) is much more than good graphics — it’s about giving people an emotional and satisfying response to an app. Good UX considers the user’s complete experience as he or she interacts with a product and generates an emotional connection between the user and the app, A good mobile partner comprises UX “wizards” — user interface (UI) and UX designers who are committed to designing mobile apps that offer truly intuitive function and a beautiful design interface.
Admirable UX/UI designers start with the customer experience and work backward to the technology; these designers embrace natural human behavior within their design work and recognize that apps with human-centered design are ultimately the ones who create an impact.
This is probably the most important aspect to look for in your mobile partner. We will have a proven track record of working successfully with various types of integration technologies, infrastructure platforms and companies ranging from disruptive startups to Fortune 500 companies.
Carefully reviewing a mobile firm’s mobile products can reveal insights into the company’s capabilities. Additionally, reading reviews of the company’s apps can provide a snapshot of its apps’ market performance,

Native Applications

We focus on native mobile application development. When designing mobile apps, we take into consideration all the target platform specifics. Our Mobile Development Team also boasts significant experience in application porting from/to iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Cross-platform Development

Clover’s experts successfully cope with the complexities of cross-platform development leveraging powerful tools and frameworks such as Xamarin, Cocos2D-X, Unity, Marmalade, Corona, Flash Air, UDK, and more. We’ll take you through each stage of the SDLC with minimized project costs and reduced time lines.